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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So it is better to... Proclaim!!

So sistas,

I have been thinking of ways we can create dialogue for future activist/body installation/performance art. Here is one idea I am using with some dynamic young writers!

The Personal is Political: Writing Your Manifesta!

Take a look at the following information that read online and then try writing your own manifesta!! And then post to the blog or send them to me at or Feel free to contact me if you want and or need more information.

peace and luv,

The manifesta/o is the part of the zine where you define your purpose in writing the zine. Why is your topic important to you? Why should it be important to your reader? Why did you decide to write on it? What is the title of your zine? Why did you choose this title? How do you locate yourself in relation to your topic? Where does it fit in subculture pop culture? How does is challenge hegemonic popular culture?

One of the most important aspects of your manifesta/o is your voice. The manifesta/o is not a place where you outline your zine, but rather one where you engage with the (sub)cultural (and personal) importance, intervention and possibilities of your topic. As we discussed in class, manifesta/os are infused with a sense of purpose and passion–you need to make your reader care about your topic, and provide her/him with enough information so that s/he can understand why you care about it.

Be careful–the manifesta/o is not a rant. A rant is a diatribe against something which frustrates or angers you. A manifesta/o is a mission statement that articulates your position and your passion for your topic.

When you put your manifesto in your zine you will be altering its format–you are welcome to handwrite it, to add artwork, to cut and paste.

Format: It’s your manifesta/o–you decide. You must have a title.
it can be a poem, story, play, essay, song or a combination of literary genres.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this manifesto project really resonates with a movement manifesto/mantra piece i worked on with some youth in DC. (powerful, raw and affirming) i could see these 2 complimenting one another down the road. i'll dig up the sample of the work.
sooooo - i'm sore as shit from lacrosse tryout's with the miss dukies . . i didn't make the 1st cut-
too smoooooth (i suppose)
light and liberation

8:55 PM  
Blogger butterfly's Voice said...

So yea this is a great writing activity. I'm not sure I could stay away from the rant though it will take some work.
Peace Yall,

9:04 PM  
Blogger lex said...

(i wrote this during a wednesday meeting)

alexis is a third world
like the holy ghost
like desire
like the possibility of poison
like numerical magic
like tri
like try
like trying
to be free

9:40 AM  

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