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Saturday, July 08, 2006

i think....

What follows is the writing prompt from the need for speed ice-cream pre-game.

If you participated and want to share all or part of what you wrote please post it by clicking on comments. If you did not participate and want to write something to share we would love to hear from you.

I think my hair is....
I think my lips are...
I think my nose is...
I think my hips are...
I think my feet are...
I think my skin color is....

Looking forward to your brilliance!
p.s. see you on Monday at 5:30 at Trinity Park for "It is better to Write!"


Blogger lex said...

I think that my hair is
a path towards knowing
a story about dizzy
a rope to whole
a hiding place for seeds
a circuit board for black women
it's beautiful just to be.

I think that my lips are
purses for secrets
pillows for cheekbones
buffers for ice cream landings
summer houses for "yes!"

I think that my skin color is
bright black like brilliance
like bravery stretched thin
like a sunpowered forcefield
and a canvas for heat.

I think that my hips are
but(t) that can't be right
my hips must be
burnished and broadening and brown and brazen beneath hands
that push me together
to speak.

3:46 PM  
Blogger mamas hieroglyphics said...

i am a mix-master DJ or
(re)discovery or writing is knowing

my hair is a knotty bath
black light strung
over mountain tops
melon dew ropes the spirits
cling to in the salty times

my lips are tuned to ancestral
beings muscle crescent
and perched ready to sit
and sing and pop spearmint
gum and recite poem
and sing a while
like lingering honey

my nose is pen pal for lemony tea cakes or the smear of my man across my top lip my nose walks home tends to the roses
nestled around my mamas porch

my hips are galactic angles
float into good places ring me down like southern sunlight

my feet
are grandma feet
flat and well-shaped soft-shoe the earth there is no night walk getting away from these feet

my skin hmmmmmmmmmm my skin
color is alice coletrane's harp
on gritty repeat a silent bronze glow
a serious shot of moonshine
a twinkle in the good place
the space girl-children run tipsy
skipping through jasmin
free birth born

5:45 PM  
Blogger mamas hieroglyphics said...

yo sista alexis pauline,

i am a blogger now!

and i can be a team memeber, too!


5:46 PM  
Blogger butterfly's Voice said...

I'mma need y'all to link a sista up

2:53 PM  
Anonymous whatknots said...

i think that my hair is
trying to teach me something
it is wiser than the impecable parts let on
the lesson for today is,
have-knots is only a problem to the have-no-knots
as soon as they born
from daydreams and daylight,
ravels of boundless energy
an omen of the coming revolt
fruit laden muscodine vines nod in recognition
"sharpen your thorns sister"

my lips are
fearlessly open
fond of being slathered with voice
like lavender scented chapstick

my nose
is asking me for a ring
a lap dog nuzzled most often on the haunches of a ripe mango
a mountain

my hips...
(what are hips anyway)
a site-tation
brakets around something you's be a fool not to notice
they are loving personified
swinging innocence on a belly button locket
they dance for me
sing for me
love for me
they are for me

i think that my feet are
fabulously flat
and still dancing
fond of mating with fresh cut lawn
black sand and cool concrete
a promiscuous pair

my skin color is
ggood for keeping the demons out
like my grandmother's crucible ash
survival tatoos
family tree
proof of life everlasting

7:17 PM  

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