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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Artistic Response Meeting Tues July 11th

Hey Artistic Response Family!!!!
We are having an Artistic Response Meeting on
Tuesday July 11
6 pm
Trinity Park (corner of Trinity and Watt)

peace and luv,e!

p.s. click on comments for a preview of the agenda


Blogger lex said...

Artistic Response Meeting Agenda

Here is our tentative agenda if you want to add something please just post to the blog!!!

Check In: 10 minutes
1. How We Be Haiku
2. Write and Share!

Old Business: 15 minutes
2. Ice Cream Social
3. Previous UBUNTU Group Meeting

New Business: 1 Hour
1. Recruiting New AR members
2. Projects Brainstorm: Although some of our work is specifically for women of color we NEED to be inclusive of the artistic talents of other UBUNTU members who are not blessed to be us!!! This section of the meeting invites us to think about other UBUNTU
3. AR (en masse) can participate in together.
4. Block Party
5. AR Point Persons
6. Calendar
7. Task list

Wrap-Up: 10 minutes
1. What revolution means to me IN ONE WORD!!!!
(from ebony)

7:52 AM  

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