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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

NEED for Speed!!!

oh love...
As part of the "women of color NEED each other love-up, celebrate ourselves festival"... which will be going on from now until forever...ALL WOMYN OF COLOR ARE INVITED TO COME GO-KARTING! Hooray! Feel free to foward this to other folks who identify as women or girls of color (or as transformational divas of color who may choose to be women or girls this Friday evening) and come to Alexis and Jurina's house to carpool to the racetrack by 7 (email for directions).
or meet us at Frankies Fun Park, 11190 Fun Park Drive Raleigh 27617 919-433-7888

NOTE: If you are interested in being part of a strategizing meeting about the in-process series of community based poetic movement performance/workshop/interviews provoked by our NEED to create a world where women of color are free, come have ice cream at A and J's house at 4:30. Please indicate in your invitation response which part(s) of the event we can expect you for!


p.s. click on comments for a preview of the agenda from ebony (the golden)


Anonymous ebony golden said...

Who we NEED to lead and
Task List

1. Community Relationship Building
Volunteer Needed: One AR member
We need contact people at each school we plan to visit on our “transformative love tour”.
Here are the tentative locations: Bennett College, Shaw University, NC A & T State University, St. Augustine’s College, North Carolina Central University, Hayti. Suggestion: Start with the women of color student leaders and people we already know!

2. Development
Volunteer Needed: One AR member
We need someone to write a banging donation letter. Talk to Mama Nancy to review the donation letter for SpiritHouse. Our letter will be used to solicit art supplies, and other items for AR and possibly UBUNTU at large. Suggestion: Don’t be shy in the letter, include our mission statement, points of agreement, and other useful information. Be creative!

So it is better to write…
Volunteer Needed: One AR member
1. We need someone to be responsible for finding new and creative places for us to write. Our tentative “so it is better to write” dates are set but we may have to be flexible if you find some excellent and inspiring writing venues.
2. This person will also be responsible for spearheading and designing our flyer to let the Fayetteville community know who we are, and the programs and activities we plan to do prior to the Block Party. Although you will design the flyer we all will canvas the community as a family.

Who said something about a block party?
Volunteer Needed: One AR member
We need someone to be the liaison between AR and the UBUNTU Block Party committee. We need to know what they want. We need to know how we can be of assistance.

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks Good Ladies. Y'all worked Hard!!! Big ups to for taking the lead and getting things started. I may not be able to be there to write on Monday which makes me sad, but I'll be there in Spirit, and write my butt off later.

8:18 PM  

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