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Saturday, July 08, 2006

your powers

Hey ladies,
Thanks for an amazing meeting last night. We are powerful and we have each other. So we have everything that we need. When the revolutionary struggle comes down to lazer tag and speed racing to a future of justice we will be prepared!

As Ebony suggested last night, it's time to express your desire for our upcoming world takeover!
Click on comments and tell us what you're interested in doing. (Feel free to look at the comments section on the Need for Speed post for the task descriptions.) Also if you are one of the many people with specific community contacts please list what those contacts are (i.e. Hayti, MacDougal Terrace, Bennett College)!

What I remember as far as desires/roles:
Nikki-technological stuff (how to post the wav. file of us singing "courage sister" to this blog), flyer layout and design, multimedia tech stuff, connections to Katrina community

Michelle-block party laising (and getting on down the road), working with zach on beautiful and historically rich places to write and connections for a (well funded) multi-media performance event

Afiya-dreams for a multimedia event, community contacts and the desire to work together

Emily-some community contacts, spanish translation

Zach-documenting the process, finding lovely places to write with Michelle and finding lovely places to go in the world

Dannette-a gift and sensitivity for coordination, artistic creative non-process stuff

Nancy-campus work coordination (in concert with the NO screening/MARC workshop effort)

Ebony-pushing the process of creating performances, writing prompts and community contacts

Alexis-has not defined a role...but intends to keep starting things, to perform, to facilitate, to interview and to process and to communicate.

Please amend and add to and clarify and correct these posts with your specific comments. Looking forward to seeing your posts!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey sistas,
because i want to commit but not overcommit, i'd like to say i will work on the flyer with nikki (cool, nikki?) and the distribution of the flyer.
thank you for a fabulous meeting and night out. i have a bruise the size of a tennis ball but it was all worth it.

12:00 PM  
Blogger mamas hieroglyphics said...

yo yo yo sistas,

so we are meeting tomorrow for our writing in the park outing.

we are meeting at trinity park!!! please bring blankets, snacks, and plenty water.

i believe we are meeting at 530 and we should not be there longer than an hour or so.

i will have some topics for us to write about or just write what your heart desires.

see you soon,


7:27 PM  

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