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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Arts Timeline from Now til the Block Party

Artistic Response Tentative Calendar
Or the most ambitious arts activism schedule known to woman!!!

Friday 7: Ice Cream Social/Strategy Meeting (women of color)
Go-Karts (whole group)

Monday 10: It is Better to Write: Park on Trinity (whole group)

Tuesday 11: Artistic Response Meeting 6 pm Park on Trinity (everybody!)

Wednesday 12: UBUNTU Meeting (whole group)

Tuesday 18: blog site check-in (whole group)

Saturday 22: Canvasing (whole group)

Tuesday 25: Community Interviews/Installation (women of color)


Tuesday 1: Interactive Workshop/ Interviews (women of color)

Tuesday 8: Artistic Response Meeting (whole group)

Sunday 13: Black August/It is Better to Write: Stagville Plantation (whole group)

Tuesday 15: blog site check in about tasks and Canvasing (whole group)

Sunday 20: Hiking (women of color)

Tuesday 22: Interactive Workshop/ Community Interviews (women of color)

Tuesday 29: Block Party Canvasing (whole group)\


Saturday 9: Block Party (yiiiiiiipeeeee!!!!)
(interactive workshop in fayeteville community following from the block party to be planned)


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