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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

7/11 Artistic Response Meeting Report

aka revolution is:
(thanks to the dope one word revolution exercise that wrapped our meeting up)

So we had a great meeting (imagine the beauty of Dannette, Afiya, Shirlette, Kai, Zach, Kia, Alexis, Nancy, Naima, Sekou, Assata in the park with a ride by hello from Serena's husband Joe and a superfly hello from queer youth leader Andres! Yes!)

Here is what we're up to (please check-in about what you said you help with by next Tuesday (7/18....also feel free to post your dope haikus from the meeting!)

Everyone present: will check in with another Artistic Response person about roles, vision and participation.

Nancy: will talk to Rachel about scheduling a NEED workshop as a healing session, and will attend a Fayettville Street Committee meeting (along with Afiya)

Afiya: will attend a Fayettville Street Committee meeting, a Neighborhood Organization meeting and a PAC meeting and will be organizing a brainstorming/dream-sharing session for the NEED/survival multimedia performance for this Sunday afternoon (exact time and place to be announced)

Shirlette and Dannette: (i love how that rhymes) will be creating a comprehensive evaluation/feedback sheet to be handed out at the UBUNTU NEED workshop

Zach: will be organizing (along with Michelle) an (it is better to write!) fieldtrip to Stagville Plantation, complete with writing and performing rituals designed to allow us to reclaim that space and meet some ancestors (see the timeline for a date which will be floated to the group at tomorrow/Weds big group meeting

Ebony: is officially an artistic response point person for six months (starting today) and will do this week's large group meeting report-back/update, she will also post a list of Artistic Response tasks to the blog

Alexis: is officially an artistic response point person for six months (starting today) and will make this very post, email nancy the SESF NEED proposal for use in the fall college tour packet and be blissful that she knows you ladies.

If you couldn't make the meeting feel free to post announcements, ways that you want to get involved and haikus about how you be/what revolution means to you in one word....or anything at all.

Love and love and love,

p.s. Shirlette's band MOSADI is playing in Raleigh at place called "White Collar Crime" tomorrow (weds) night at 10:30 pm...join the caravan to roll-out there after (or during..for that matter) tomorow's big group meeting.


Blogger butterfly's Voice said...

We will be put on the agenda for the Fayettville Street commitee meeting Next Monday (7/24) the meeting starts at 5 (I think). I will let you all know the details. These are our elders, their blessing is key. Anyone who wants to come out let me know.

9:33 AM  
Blogger butterfly's Voice said...

I have left a message for Diane at the Hayti today Afiya and I are trying to meet with someone there to inform them about all that we hope to do in that community. I will try again tomorrow we are hoping to meet on Thursday.

9:11 PM  

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