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Thursday, July 13, 2006

tasks tasks tasks, oh my

Task List...

1. flyer for black august day at stagville
2. flyer for fayetteville programs - Nikki, Emily
3. AR block party liason- Mama Nancy
4. Multi-media performance- ebony
5. Workshop/University liason- Mama Nancy(local)
Workshop liason (world-wide)
6. So it is better to write...- Zach and Michelle
7. Community contacts- Mama Nancy, Afiya, ebony
8. Development- ebony (i will draft the first donations letter and ask for assistance from the group later)
9. Community Feedback form- (Shirlette mentioned this but needs help with creating a form with a wholistic emphasis)

This just seems like the tip of the iceberg please add what i missed.

peace and love and light


Blogger lex said...

Dannette said she could help Shirlette with the feedback form. See below :)

Alexis can assist with prompts...writing prompts, love prompts, party prompts, blog prompts and otherwise.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous MichelleLanier said...

I am working with Zachari on the Stagville, It is Better to Write...Also continue to write songs. The latest is a hummingbird song to the tune of summertime. If you do not know how miraculous hummingbirds are, you should google them sometime.
Peace, M

11:16 PM  

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