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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

with love and possibility...we will revise the script

Yo! Sistas please schedule your interviews in the next month. Transcribe as you see fit! (poem, monologue, collage, story, song, etc…)

Feel free to improvise these questions

All about the body

Tell me about your first kiss?
Choose a part of your body. What would it say if it could speak?
How do you feel about your vagina?

Relationships with women

What are some things you learned about being a woman? (i. e. rituals, “old wives tales” superstitions and such)
What have you learned about being a woman by looking or being around other women?

Labor (we did not come up with any questions but zachari brought up some excellent points on the topic)

Has any woman silenced you or your response to sexual assault or abuse?

Do you feel healthy?
What does illness look or feel like?
What makes you feel right in your body?
What memories do you have of dealing with doctors?

What inspires you?
What do you need?
Write about a time someone said you were beautiful?
What is the difference being a _______________ woman and a ___________ woman


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