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Friday, September 22, 2006

9/21 Meeting Notes

UBUNTU Artistic Response has been offered a residency at Bennett
College!!!! Hoooray!!!!

If you'd like to be involved with planning the residency
come to Professor Ebony Golden's office at NCCU at 3pm on Friday (yes
tomorrow) September 22nd

Upcoming events and meeting:
Saturday, September 23rd: AMAZING "I Be Who I Be" Workshop at WD Hill
Community Day (meet at WD Hill community center by 10am)
Sunday, September 24th: Spontaneous Alter-building meet at the Scrap
Exchange at 11am

Tuesday October 3rd "Let the Healing Begin' Domestic Violence Poetry
Speakout at Ideas Cafe
Wednesday, October 4th Women of Color Workshop at UNC
(PLANNING MEETING AT NCCU or Stanford L. Warren on Thursday September
28th 1:15 to 2:15 pm (call ebony!))

October 19th Candlelight Vigil at Duke (interactive activity fire, fun)
October 20th Shairi's Poetry Radio Show
October 21st POSSIBLE Workshop for Domestic Violence Month (IF people
step up to facilitate...anybody in?)

Holler back with your interest and insight!


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